Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

NFT, a popular acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens, has become one of the bestselling digital commodities today. NFTs are unique and cannot be interchanged. NFTs carry a distinctive signature used to designate and validate their ownership as assets. There cannot be a copy of it. NFTs are usually representations and impressions of real-life objects, characters, art, etc. They are treated as in-game items, collectibles, artworks, digital assets, etc. NFTs are largely distributed on the Ethereum blockchain, but many projects have seen other popular blockchains take fold, including Flow, Solana, Tezos, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, EOS, and others.

What are NFTs used for?

NFTs primarily represent ownership of rare virtual assets. It should be kept in mind that purchasing an NFT does not equate to its original copyright being transferred to the owner. This is to protect the rights of original creators. NFTs bought can be sold, but they cannot be reproduced or altered in content.

Can I create my own NFTs?

Yes, you can. Anyone can create their NFT collection and sell them for profit. You can take professionals of EliteNFTGeeks to create your series of NFTs, which you can mint on a platform of your choice. EliteNFTGeeks have served a vast range of clients and created successful NFT projects in today’s market.

How do I start minting NFTs?

NFT minting relates to converting digital files into virtual collections incorporated on the blockchain, let’s say Ethereum. Minting is simply a fancy term for storing virtual items on the blockchain. The minting process includes:

  • Choose a platform where you’d like to sell your NFT. For example, or Rarible
  • Create a crypto wallet. You can start with buying some ETH to get the wallet running. MetaMask is a widely available wallet for ETH based tokens
  • Any platform you choose to sell NFTs would include a “Connect Wallet” option. After agreeing to terms and conditions, verify your account
  • Create NFTs: get in touch with EliteNFTGeeks to create NFTs the Internet would love
  • List your NFTs on the platform

How long does it take us to create your NFTs?

We are a bunch of creative geeks, and we take some time before we are able to produce impeccable art. But not too long because we just can’t gulp our own excitement about the project! Once we receive a brief, it takes up to 2-3 working days before we can deliver the first version of your NFTs.

Drop Up A Message

Write to us or give us a call. We will reply to you as soon as possible. But yes it can take up to 24 hours.